Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ipatas warns Engans to stop opposing PM

The National, 
 ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has warned his people to stop opposing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill because he has helped with Enga’s development over the last four years.
Sir Peter (pictured) appealed to the people to respect O’Neill for developments they see in the province.
“No prime minister in history has given attention to Enga like what the O’Neill Government is doing,” Ipatas said.
“Enga is last by all means. We are yet to catch up with other provinces in the country. The prime minister is helping us in that process.
“I can’t understand why university students we’ve just raised yesterday from elementary are leading strikes and protesting against the PM. “What is their agenda?
“Are they boycotting classes to develop Enga?
“Students should concentrate on their studies and come back to help me develop the province, which is the intention I had by giving them free education.
“If they want to play politics, they have the wrong intention. I should be the one playing politics because people have elected me to do that.
“I  could have protested against the PM if I see no developments in Enga.” He said people should understand that Enga was not in Port Moresby, Lae or Goroka.
He said what the students were doing was not good for the development of the province.
“Please do not try to break the good relationship I have with the prime ninister. Concentrate on your studies, talk about how you will help develop your province.”
Sir Peter thanked O’Neill and his government for their contributions to many impact projects in Enga.
Sir Peter said he had been discussing with O’Neill to build a new K500 million hospital at Wabag.
“We cannot build this hospital if Engans go against the PM. Think before you talk

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