Thursday, September 20, 2012

Southern Highlands Oil Head Owner Murdered by Americans

Sometimes development comes at a cost but should not happen to the cultural heritage, societal norms and traditional beliefs of the thousands tribes that own this land. In the last two weeks, Southern Highlands was at war with nature, especially in the Kutubu, Gobe and Hides areas, extending right out to other districts that are not affected by the South Pacific’s biggest LNG project funded by EXXONMOBIL and managed by Esso Highlands. The natural events, including flooding and landslides happened when Exxon Mobil contractors blasted a cultural site to put the PNG LNG pipeline through to Hides from Iagifu Ridge, in the sacred jungles of the Fasu land, where most of the oil and gas is extracted.

The limestone mountain where the blasting took place a week ago is a scared site that traditional landowners fear to hunt or even gather food. Once, they blasted the limestone mountain, little did they know that the guardian of the oil and gas also lived there –   A MONSTER OF A SNAKE WITH 4 ‘Ls’ ON HIS FOREHEAD. 

He was able to swallow 2 adult human beings at one time. Refer to the head of the snake and see what the ‘4Ls’ can mean.
The snake cannot fit the hand of an adult. Look at the ladies and the child holding the tail. It’s so mesmerising; isn’t it. In its natural state, its mouth can open and expand up to 2 metres, whilst its 8 metre frame can accommodate any diet on its way.

This ‘Man’ was slaughtered last Wednesday and shared amongst the chiefs. YOU KNOW, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT IS TERRIFYING – THE MOUNTAINS STARTED TREMBLING AND THE RIVERS STARTED FLOODING TO UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS. Refer to the pictures below.

The light skin FASU girl holding the head of the Snake is crippled. The house of the Chief where the slaughtering happened is completely submerged in flood. Refer to the pictures. All LNG Pipeline operations was halted for the last 2 weeks, and is continuing to this day.

Picture The oil pipeline is now completely exposed. Use to hide 6 metres underground before.

This is no fake. Don’t you think Nature has its Own Way to tell PNG and the World that enough is enough?

Why are we extracting too much from the natural world to enrich a Few Elites and further advance the developed world, whilst we remain status quo? Source: Email Circulation: Maggie  Mase

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