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Hon John Pundari Good Or Bad .

" My encounter with Abigail Pundari who happen's to be Hon John Pundari 's daughter  and  close friend of mine was to find out more information on the article that has raised great critic attention on various critic blogs on FB . As a Political Activist i had to bring out the truth . Below happens to be one side of the story that was edited by Stunt PNG , it happens to have also a discussion with Abigail sadly she used a different account Name  (Haddassah Armando Christian Perez) but still the same person  ".

" Words from Stunt PNG"


Kompiam Ambum MP, MR John Pundari who is now the Environment and Conversation Minister decided to commit funds to building two more parallel roads leading to an abandoned rural sawmill station last year. The station known as Kaipores happens to be the MP's home place which is passed through o...
n the existing road to Kompiam. The MP however decided to spend district funds in building the two extra roads parallel to the existing one while the old road is poorly maintained in most sections except for the part that passes through his home territory.

The two new roads being built do not pass through any population centers or resource base where the road development could be justified. The roads are however being built on lands belonging to strong supporters of the MP and is cutting through remaining tribal reserve forests and burial grounds. Photos taken of the roads are causing a stir in the Kompiam Ambum FB Forum and even the MP's own daughter (FB name Haddassah Armando Christian Perez) has come to the rescue, making rather unpopular remarks using offensive words and foul language.

(Attached is one the photos that attracted the discussions and also link to the group. Also a copy paste of the discussions below as well)

"Haddassah Armando Christian Perez
Developement taking place... Road from yaralum to kaipores..

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Jack Daniel Great advantage for the laits and yailuins....
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Peter Balone Kanaparo Jack, yes. Tangiable development for Laitkins because we have a school there; but its also going thru the Aiyelkins and Depkins lands breaking thru the untouched forest where the locals depend on it for survival. The welknown hidden bushes ...
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Jack Daniel well you are absoultly correct when looking at the external cost that are involved in building the road. and what about the benefits? will it benefit all the people in da district? i know for sure that, there are alot of moneies being funde...
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Pulip Lyokao @Haddassah Armando Christian Perez: From my point of view as an outsider, I see there is signs of real development. Building roads is the first step to having access to other much needed services. What more can the MP do than to connect the people and places through road networking. Let's learn to appreciate it as a way of tunnelling light into the cave.
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J-Paw Yamsten @hadasha:ur absolutly rite! no deal of arguments shuld b made coz thats d real devlopment KA is needin.mor rods mst b b built
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J-Paw Yamsten Mor rods mst b built 2 conect d main twnsip coz peple cn av d flexbilty of acesin guds frm twn if any troble aris @ cetain pt
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Haddassah Armando Christian Perez Its doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that Engas geological position in PNG is on rugged terrains. Road are being built in places where roads shouldn't be at all. So accept what has being made. Civil engineering of building GOOD ro...
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August 18 at 5:13pm via mobile · Like · 3

Stunt Png Haddassah Armando Christian Perez Where you the engineer that designed and planned that road? Or are you the economist that did the feasibility study for the need to build that road? Who is in desperate need of that road, what resources fr...
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Haddassah Armando Christian Perez Stunt png ur in need or getting your identity back. or better yet... relax... :)))))
August 23 at 1:52am · Like · 1

Haddassah Armando Christian Perez p.s your full of bullshit. read back at what you said and compare to what i said. Go back and come up with a good rebuttal, if not im sorry MATE... Nothing you say is gonna do anything. Accept this developement, if not, pay ur fee and stand in the next elections. :)) God bless.
August 23 at 1:56am · Like · 1

Stunt Png Haddassah Armando Christian Perez Insane, money hungry people destroying forests where roads are not needed. There is already a stupid road parallel to the Yarulam Kaipores road from Rakapos/Par to Kaipores....and there is that existing ro...
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Stunt Png Haddassah Armando Christian Perez"Accept this development" ??? Yes you can say that to your papa, dog and pigs but not the people of KA when people with misplaced priorities waste development funds on selfish ventures digging up backyards to justify their thieving.
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Stunt Png "Accept this developement"?? You can tell your papa, dogs and pigs to accept broad daylight nonsense but not the sane people of KA. Who are you to force KA people to accept what is obviously, morally, ethically and 'developmentally' WRONG?
August 23 at 6:20am · Like · 2

Haddassah Armando Christian Perez hahaha ur full of it. u know that??? Narrow minded. people lie you are the reason why PNG is going backwards. open your brain, to wider scape of development. No wonder the light cannot go through your brain. its too NARROW. hahahaha anyways mate, you have a good day with your papa, dogs and pigs. ;))
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Stunt Png Haddassah Armando Christian Perez thats what your papa called the people of Kompiam Ambum; snakes, memes, pigs, father like daughter...genetics at its best....the dogs and pigs that am referring to are those that are given sandu wara and have lost all sense identity. sounds familiar?
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Haddassah Armando Christian Perez hahahahahahahahahah.... awwww liklik baby...back to the personal attacks are we?? awwwww how sweet keep it up...maybe one day it will by yourself a real identity...hahahaha ai soreh..sidaunim tasol na toktok lo u tanim graun ah???? please kaikai dust blo JP and die and rot in your jelous bed......hahahhaa childish personal attacks...wayy ta go buddy.. :P hahahahah LMAO
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Stunt Png personal? ummmm not the office of MP to be personalized..its a public office...and who ever speaks for and on behalf of that represents that public office....if you feel personal, my apologies but how u kisim em you yet now... 3 parallel roads to a rural sawmill station called Kaipores built by the KA MP will go to the Guinness World Book of Records for the most innovative, sustainable, resource maximization development concept of the century. Absolute NONSENSE
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Haddassah Armando Christian Perez yes it will. u got a problem about that??? pffft. yes you are getting personal. or are u too braindead to understand that you are?? there are certain limits to getting personal. and your too much of and idiot that you dont know your limits...
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Steven Atone The explanation is obvious...common sense...JP wants to avoid going thru Yampu. Em man tu na poret ya. TOTAL WASTE OF FUNDS.
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Zyki Wapil Is Yampu a war zone? Or foreign land cut n paste in K/A district.
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Stunt Png Haddassah Armando Christian Perez lol...that word 'shit' seems to be your favourite word? you love it? or u want some more than wat your own self is producing on this forum? do you read urself first before you type? how many of what you told your MP that got implemented in KA? Ignorant, power hungry and corrupt MPs cannot be called leaders..Alibaba and this 40 thieves had more nobility compared to most of our MPs. Is it not the expense of the poor Yangis and Pinai people's money that got you skuling overseas while you have the guts in protecting shamelessly the naked truth about KA development status and the KA MP that cannot be hidden, regardless of how much 'shit' you paint to make it look 'better'? You do not even have the slightest hint of understanding and common sense to better SHUT UP and be quiet, listen and learn and even advise your MP while rightful stakeholders of KA raise their views about WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT about KA in this forum. For you to shamelessly raise your skirts and display your contents here in public forum, where both ends debates can be presented is like a naked roadside k2 meri advertising herself jumping up and down to every traveler even for a smoke butt from the other side of the road, while you cling to the present on the other side, claiming its yours by right. Let someone else and actions do the talking for you, not yourself about ur MP (papa).
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" That was the side of Stunt PNG "

"Now here is a cut and Past of a discussion on FB with Abigail Pundari ".

  Dear Abi , sorry to worry u but u might hav to help me out , STUNT PNG has posted a rather strong comment about ur dad . The comment state's that ur dad constaructed a two lane road leading to an abandond sawmill station , "that is good from my side", but Stunt PNG make's me think other wise with more info ,as ur own sister make's a bad reply interm's of language content on sharp talk group nd other critic blog's . I can help change this story if u can give me a feedback on this story . I would use ur reply  to make a critic post on my blog against the story . Coz i hav found out that it was to help ur hometown locality nd not to help get easy access for vote's nd support that made ur dad win his seat .  :)

"Now the reply "

Hi Kofi. I'm the one that he is argueing with. You see I don't mind if he talks about developement side. However he keeps going on about my dads background. Just cos he is part european. That's the thing that's annoying. I don't mind good discussion on developement. Yes. Roads are being constructed. And yes road have been built to the deeps of K.A so that villages who have never voted in their lives could have a fair chance in this years voting. And the surprise of it all is that from this places, JP wasn't the only one who got the votes. The votes were scattered evenly amongst all the candidates. Its in writing! Stunt pngs problem is that he has a personal grudge against my father. Typical of engans. Anyways its said that he put up only what I said and not EVERYTHING He said. So that u people only see one side of the story. Very smart and cunning I should say. All the matters is, now people from K.A are able to drive from the last bet corner of K.A which is yengis and go sell produce in wabag cos of the road constructions. Plus the constructions of roads is taking a long time cos it constantly rains and keep causing landslides. Trust me. I experianced one of these. These people in the K.A group are supporters of the losing candidates. U wud think I'm talking biased but trust me its the truth. Hence they keep writing hate posts that are soo irrelevent to developement situations at hand. See they keep talking that my dads a grade 10 leaver, he was born of a dutch man. Is not true Kompiam ambum son. Which I think is out of the list that makes a good leader. Besides he grew up in K.A and knows the engan language back to front. :/unsure the ambum road construction have not started cos everytime they wanna go construct roads their, the nutcases there put up roadblocks! Horrific ei? And that's not half of it, a bridge, the last bridge to pass before reaching kompiam stations went down due to rain and strong current of the ambum river flowing down. And the materials for the bridge have been bought, constructions workers are waiting to put up the bridge and what do u think the locals are demanding? 10million kina before the bridge can go up! And this is 10millin added to the 4plus million needed to construct the bridge. Is there's one thing u can say, is for people to change their attitudes so that development can get into PNG. Exampla, powes parkop put up rubbish bins for the public yet they CHOOSE to scatter rubbish everywhere? Attitude change? I'm thinking, YES. Needed. Or devine intervention. Lord help us all. :/unsure

Plus like what zhan said on stunts post, the existing road is wayyy better than ANY other roads in ENGa. Its a proven fact. Its just that some places on ythe existing road have undergone extreme wether conditions hence its taking awhile to get them fixed up again. You should visit kompiam one day. The station and the buildings of teachers police and other services were brought by JP. None of the other MPs before him brought anything into the developement of K.A. Its all pure jelousy. Besides, all the complaints they have brought, and auditors who have come to K.A and gone have not found anything against JP in all his terms in parliament. More fyi.

Zhan Mawa Aili Guys, are we soupposed to be critising the developments reaching the real remote and rural areas in the country or be grateful that hundreds and thousands of people will appriciate it??? Where I come from in Waps, the Tsak and Lower Lai roads are in a really bad condition, not like Kompiam ambum road which I travelled on recently. Tops to Mr Pundari!!! And regarding the MPs daughter, don't take it personal to attack her, she has the freedom to express her feelings. So if you have anything against the MP, than face up to him....Stunt PNG, can we discuss something worth discussing???!!!

"Words from Abi "
the funny things is, Zhane, stunt png is more a coward since he hasn't posted ALL the comments here for the public eye. the coward didn't want everybody to see him using the word 'hull'. so much for an Elite yeah? everybody, this fake and disgrace of a person hides behind this fake account, with no pictures of himself and talks on this Kompiam Ambum group about JPs background, where JP is from blah, blah blah. Origins don't determine a leader mate. and I apologise to all you people who commented here that you got to see "ONLY" half of the real deal. anyway as low as this retard can go, I've said my part. my main point. and that is, Enga is NOT located on flat land. hence its impossible to find suitable land to build roads. and what land is found is Used. development requires sacrifice. and if it means these roads to get constructed to bring services to locals in rural areas then so be it!? isn't that the whole point? why question? why not help? and stung png is going on and on about how JP should get on facebook disregarding the fact that the other thousands of K.A people are NOT on fb. you don't speak for the majority. just few narrow minds. be realistic. u wanted a discussion stunt you got it! why bring the back ground of JP into this? so what!? JP is half dutch and Kompiam but grew up in Kompiam district. That means more. and the truth here plain, simpla and clear. you have something VERY personal against JP. why don't you be a man, and go tell it to his face instead of gossiping around like a little girl? and in my case, I've told u my mind. and I'm glad it got u pissed. and only proves that what I said is correct about you. FAKE. and nothing u said offends me and all. I pity you. and thankyou for your concerns on K.A. we want developement to go to K.A. Hence this road construction. Otherwise come work with JP. and put in your ideas. for and against. that's what working as a team is all about. going off on fb, hasn't brought any developement to K.A now has it? such a waste of time it is really. well after all said and done. your forgiven and I'm sorry if I pissed you off. have a good arvo. :)

Haddassah Armando Christian Perez Plus it doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that the picture is of a bridge being built. Hellow!? Isn't that development Mr. Stunt Png or whoever who are? Male or female whatever? And look and the sides, mountains, forests! Would u rather the trees cut down for another bridge more suitable to you and ONLY your own liking? How can one be soo narrow minded. FYI . Since your confused. :) hope it helps. :D

"Well you have it simply false and misleading information, i have spoken out on this story and it is worth a stand against Stunt PNG , this is a total intimidation to the local's of Hon John Pundari 's Hometown, Stunt PNG should come out and Apologize to the family of John Pundari and local 's  . Hon John has labored long for his name and it should not need misleading propaganda to spoil it

Hello PNG "

Mangi Tari ( Kofi Assan )     

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