Thursday, August 1, 2013

UPNG FORUM SQUARE Burning Against the Asylum Seekers deal between PNG & AUSTRALIA...!!

Francesca Baiwog
Right from the day when PM O'Neil opened his mouth and agreed to take in Asylum seekers/refugees, I have been reading posts day after day from morning till night about PNGeans posting about the issue. In fact, I was watching the news on TV and jumped out of my chair and started swearing.. so mad that I could not even eat my dinner. I have a few questions and points to make here...

Why did PM O'Neil accept PM Rudd's offer? What in the world was he thinking? Did he have any consultation at all with the people of PNG? Did he forget that PNG is stricken with it's own problems and that he is yet to work around all those problems to find lasting solutions to them? How is he going to cater for all those asylum seekers? Has he thought of our West Papuan neighbours who have been in POM for ages a...nd have not been granted residency status? Has he got social security for the West Papuan people in place? In PNG, 97% of the land is owned by the people, which means only 3% is owned by government. Where will he purchase the land from to give to these asylum seekers/refugees to live and work on in order to survive. PNG does not have social security and where will these people get their support from for survival?

People are coming in numbers by boats to PNG; knowing that they will be PERMANENTLY RESETTLED IN PNG. Do we have the land for them?? NO.. PNG has a very small land mass compared to Australia (PNG has 462,840 sq km compared to Australia which has almost 7.7 million sq km). 80% of the 22 million people live in and round cities and along the coast covering only 1% of the Australian continent. Why can't Australia re-settle them in-land and let them do farming?? Is PM O'Neil prepared to send them to his electorate? We do not need asylum seekers.

I was listening to the NINE News yesterday; and there was this male asylum seeker from Bangladesh who sexually harassing a legally blind female.. And so do we need them?? No way. There is another issue I want to share here as well... In Sweden, only 6% of its population is made up of immigrants. Since then; the rate for rape has increased by 500% because of Asylum seekers/Immigrants from War stricken Muslim countries, which means 1 in 4 women has a very high chance of being raped. And 70% of these rape cases are committed by Muslim men. Do we need those people?

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