Thursday, April 18, 2013

Town, airport landowners boycott forum

Post Courier 

TARI airport and township landowner umbrella company representatives have boycotted the consultative forum underway in Tari after their demand for the audit of the first payment of K11.7 million fell on deaf ears.

The consultative meeting that began on Monday was organised by the Hela provincial administration to identify landowners and discuss how the latest payment of K10 million will be shared among the affected people.
Representatives of the umbrella company – Airport Tari Town Construction Ltd – have signed a petition that they have presented to acting provincial administrator William Bando, demanding an audit team and Taskforce Sweep Team to investigate the first payment.
“We, the legitimate and principal landowners of Tari airport and township, are concerned that the national government and the then Southern Highlands provincial government pumped in K11.7 million but which left the landowners no foot print on our door steps,” Mr Bando said.

The petition was signed by Thomas Pole-Minape, Ben Pajape, Ben Mangope, Aliape Tapi, Gai Minape, Yabe Mulapu, Jaffrey Matiabe, Brian Yuwi, Danny Ambuape, Dick Kaiabe, Kuku Hayara, Tali Eka, Ipai Lai, Aipe Kai, Tindupu Kuane, Alia Kayuali, Soti Ekiopia, Tapu Pugali, Tapali Matiape, Rex Aliape and Fitla Puni.
“We are fighting for our second batch of K10 million, which is too small to be shared among the 26 clans in and around Tari airport,” they said in the petition.
“We are kindly asking the provincial government and member of Parliament to facilitate and assist with an audit team and Sweep Team led by Sam Koim to Hela.”
Spokesman Mr Pole-Minape said the landowners would boycott further meetings until the audit and investigations were done on the first K11.7 million payment.

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