Sunday, July 10, 2016

I wish it was easy to give up !

Lucas Kaip

Some people think that I should now be stopped talking about corruption because of what is happening around the the country.

They are blaming some of us for the protests by University students which led to chaos, violences and shutdown of UPNG. They think that the more we talk, the more we are going to instigate the problem.

They want us to shut up. They just don't want us to talk about corruption anymore.

I wish they know me better. I wish it is that easy to give up. I wish I can easily forget everything. I wish I can find the courage to shut up and move on with my personal life. But I can't. Not even for a moment. I can't imagine how my life will be without talking about corruption.

Some people are talking about corruption because of their positions. Some people talking about a about corruption because they are paid to do it. Some people talk about corruption to please others. Some people talk about corruption because everone else is talking about corruption.

But for me, I have signed up to fight corruption in 2001 as a youth at the PNG University of Technology because I saw corruption as the worst enemy of the country.

I dedicated my life to fight corruption and I will never let outcomes, situations or seasons dictate my stand on corruption. Not even for a second. But I will gladly pay any price to stand up for the truth.

As long as corruption is here, I am not afraid of standing up for the truth.

One day I want this country to be a corruption free country. I want our people to live a better, decent life fitting for a resource rich country like PNG.

Even if it means to stand up alone, I will.

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