Thursday, September 19, 2013

MP praised for service delivery


THE people of Anglimp South Wahgi in the Jiwaka Province are happy as they are seeing services they have never seen for the last 30 years being delivered by their MP Joe Koim.
The people said the 38th independence anniversary of the country will be remembered in their electorate as far as services delivery was concerned.
Representing the people of Anglimp South Wahgi, a former councillor of Anglimp LLG for 25 years, Huk Koipa, and a young leader from Kuli Gap, Mathew Mark said their new MP was not commited to planning fbut he was delivering services.
“We the people of the electorate are happy because we have never seen any of our former MPs do such a thing,” they said.
They said Mr Koim has bought and delivered four excavators for the maintenance of the feeder roads in the electorate, has started building community halls for six LLGs, has bought 13 walkabout sawmills for community-based groups and schools and has provided funding for schools and health centres in the electorate.
“These are the core basic services that we the people in the electorates need and that MPs are supposed to deliver but that has not been seen in the past 30 years or more,” Mr Mark said.
“Our MP is a new politician but his service delivery shows that he has a plan to develop the electorate.”
Mr Koim was in his electorate last week to deliver the excavators and other services witnessed by Minister for Treasury Don Polye, Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti and several MPs from Western Highlands and Jiwaka.
The people said there was still four years left for Mr Koim and with such a start, he is expected to bring many developments and changes for his electorate and the people.
The people said elected leaders must be seen as leaders they could rely on in terms of services.
They said they rejoice when services were delivered but sufferred when nothing was delivered.

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